Wednesday, April 27, 2011

egg hunt

 I've found we can skip all the craziness of the huge public egg hunts and just go to my parent's backyard with the cousins. It is so calm and lovely. I caught Elliott and Ollie talking about it a couple of weeks before- they were excited, but complained they had to wait for the babies to go first. Stinkers. Linc snuck in front of little Miss Melora- he was supposed to be second.
 "GUM?!" This is Linc's answer to any candy or gum. 
Cute Baby Melora

Cousins: Elli, Melora, Linc, Anikka, Addie, Baby Will, Elliott, Benny and Ollie.

cute Addie's coat buttoning, Linds and Baby Will
My Mom, Michelle, Anikka, Mike, Erkki, Baby Melora

3 sisters, a brother and 2 babes

I had to hunt for Linc and found him visiting the neighbor's horse.

 We had a delicious dinner and thought this was a festive jello my mom made...
And, you've got to try these bird nest desserts... 10 times better than rice crispie treats-- just use hard chow mein noodles and add coconut... So tasty.

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Melissa said...

Family is the best! Sounds like you had a great time. I need to have you come to all of our family events and take pictures for me... you are such a good photograper. Very good pics!! I love how you got a picture of Addies coat buttoned so well, very cute :).

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