Saturday, April 30, 2011

snow surfing

We bought an awesome pass that lets us snowboard on random days and do other fun things around Utah, so Adam took a Monday off and we headed up to Brighton. It rained hard the whole drive up and we were worried we'd get soaked, but just as we hit the parking lot it was snowing.

It snowed the ENTIRE day.

Which is fine, but it's a little different boarding in that much powder. Especially when you're going through a hill filled with other tracks. I felt like I was surfing. Which, I've never been surfing for real, but that's what it felt like. 

And falling was just hilarious. It was so soft and fluffy that you just had to laugh every time. 

We even tried a few tricks this time. 

tasting snowflakes
Good thing I took Elliott's goggles up with me. But we were glad he didn't come this time- it was hard!
By the time we'd get to the top of the lift, we were like sitting snowpeople. 
But we stayed surprisingly warm. 
it was beautiful

Afterwards, we warmed up with soup and sandwiches at Kneaders. What a fun day with my hubby.


Naoma said...

Love snowboarding and Love your pictures!! You are a great photographer Sini!

B and Jessica said...

Sigh. Jealous.

Melissa said...

Looks so beautiful! Sounds like an awesome day together. You guys are always doing such fun things.

Saimi said...

Wow!! You guys are great and definitely know how to have fun!!

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