Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 4 reasons why I love this picture:

1. it's sunset and we're at the lake

2. I'm with my family and we're playing outside

3. I'm doing something I do all day everyday (or something like it)-- pulling up Linc's saggy pants because they were halfway down his diaper therefore the bottoms were dragging on the dock. And yes, I do have to nuzzle and kiss him while I pull up his pants. I sneak a kiss every chance I get.


4. it's candid, and I'm in it

Really, I yearn for a pic of me just doing my everyday stuff with the boys. I've been better at asking Adam to take a picture for me (so my boys will know I was actually there while they were growing up) but it still seems so.... posed. And I've got the same. cheesy. smile in every one. 

But when I see Adam wrestling with the boys, reading them a story, or playing outside, I can't help but grab a candid photo. What's up with that? Why doesn't he think to grab the camera when I'm doing those things?  I know it's mostly my fault as I've just sort of taken over the photography part of our family, kind of like Adam has taken over the music. We do the things we love I guess.

This photo actually came after a "can you take one of me and Linc" posed one. I'm so glad Adam got one more. I'll always treasure photos like this because while it's not perfect, it's of me being a mommy and I love it.

P.S. See more photos from our Sunday drive to the lake on SPOL adventure.


Knudson Family said...

Yes, wouldn't it be great to have a photog follow you around for a day and take candids? If I ever come visit you...

ToRi and cReW said...

I love it!
I think that it is a great picture. I too have the same frustrations with my husband. It looks as if my kids have no mother. Even when B was born, there are no pics of me with him.

I think your candid is gorgeous! The colors, the emotion, the love shown...it is great!

Melissa said...

Such a great picture, and you are definitely one of the very best Mom's ever. You are so patient, kind, sweet and so giving with your kids. I know why they want to always stay home with you... who wouldn't!! Thanks for being so nice to Dawson.

Shum Girl said...

I love this photo too for all your reasons. I know what you mean about getting kisses in whenever possible. I kiss my kids so much sometimes I wonder if I will bruise their cheeks. But their cheeks are so soft and squishy and kissable!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

sini you look so stunning as a mom in this picture! i love it! your boys will know what a great mom you are through all this blogging! love it!

B and Jessica said...

I love those candid shots too! I don't think I've had one for a year or two. And striped pajamas on a baby are the best. Especially when the pajamas fit them nice and snug, and show off every curve of their little body, right down to their padded diaper bum.

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