Friday, February 17, 2012


salsa bar at Tarahumara
Oh my gosh you guys- it has started.

Elliott is only 8 and isn't loving all the places we go as a family anymore.
"Why do we have to run errands (or go here or there)?!"
"Can't you go while I'm at school?"
"You're wasting all my time!"
He would rather stay home most of the time.
He's okay if we are going someplace fun- which is understandable. 
But I don't think it's that bad hanging out together?
And I definitely thought we had more time (8 more years at least?) before we had to worry about this.

And he is a bit of a picker in the food department and can't quite 
understand why we don't go to Olive Garden every time we eat out.

This is a new chapter in our little family.
 And I'm still learning how to deal with the "attitude."

A couple weeks ago we went to see the ice castles that are in Midway every year. 
The plan was to see them after a drive up Provo Canyon 
and eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Midway.
Too bad we realized after the drive up that the ice castles weren't to be found in 
Utah this year because of the mild weather we've had all winter.
(Really should have looked that up before the drive.)
Anyway- we were bummed, but had more to look forward to- 
Eating! The Store! Being together on our designated family night---> Monday!

Except for Mr. E.

And then when we went to drown our sorrows in the best salsa bar in Utah- 
we heard a few more loud grumbles. 

We ordered our favorites (E ordered something new) and settled in.

The boys started drawing on the paper table covers 
and were soon laughing and talking.
The negativity started to disappear-- as fast as the food on our plates.

We tore out the pictures and hung them on the designated cork board in the restaurant 
and were on our way.

We stopped by the little store in Midway (The Store) to stock up on more freshly packed salsa and some V chocolate pretzels and started the drive home. 

We talked all through the canyon (our family rule is no video watching while in canyons and the boys totally enforce it) - telling stories from school, work and our day.

It turned out to be a pretty great night together as a family.
Even Elliott thought so.
I just hope he starts to realize beforehand that it's not going to be that bad.
We're his family after all and we're happiest when he's with us. 

 1. Elliott's depiction of Adam 2. Adam's sketch of Ollie
My drawing of Linc in the foreground.
E- happiest when drawing.
sidewalk ice skating


Knudson Family said...

Sam never wants to go out as a family either. He would much rather stay at home....I'm hoping it's a phase? At the same time he has fun if you can get him talking...boys are funny.

Ty and Mari said...

I love Taramuhara! The best place to eat ever! I also think "The Store" is a cute little place. Pretty much Midway is great right/!

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