Saturday, February 4, 2012

las vegas- the strip

A slow rainy Monday on the Las Vegas strip. 
We walked from the Bellagio to the M&M store with all the kids.
They had fun walking on the bridges and looking at the crazy buildings.
It was nice that it wasn't crowded!
Oliver, Elliott, Kenzie & Collin
Lincoln Bear

Remember Zoltar from the movie BIG? Funny.

We watched the free 3-D movie (the sound was a little off, but otherwise 
the kids loved it) at the store and then picked out our favorite M&Ms. 

Of course we realized after we fill the bags that they are something like $14 per pound!! 
GEES! Adam got a great mix for us though- mint! coconut! pretzel (too dry and I wouldn't get them next time), peanut! peanut butter! and almond! They were a great snack for the way home and for the rest of the week until I threw them out.

We hopped next-door to the Coke store to visit this bear.
His eyes (and the rest of him) looked so real.
And the kids all came out with mini coke bottle salt shakers. 
I scored some coke flavored lip gloss because if I can't (shouldn't) have the real thing...

rest stop

We decided to visit the new city center on the strip which was pretty cool.
You walk back into these buildings and feel like you are in Tokyo or something.
At least not on the Las Vegas strip.

We walked around some of the buildings and stumbled upon a few cool spots:

Like this whirlpool forest!
The boys are OBSESSED with whirlpools so they were excited to see them.
I think this is at the Aria Hotel.

Collin and Linc climbed up and down these stairs for a while--- right next to the whirlpools.
And Lincoln tried to climb the Prada building.

We found this store that decorated with hundreds of antique sewing machines too.
I loved seeing this. They must have a majority of the machines that are left.


Knudson Family said...

We have never been to all of the places in this post. Thanks for some exploring ideas. And that Prada building? Sweet.

Mariana said...

Wow! Looks like you really had a great great time!!!

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