Tuesday, February 7, 2012

shark reef

After we said goodbye to Ames and the kids, we made our way to Mandalay Bay where Adam was going to a flooring convention.
How nice is it that the Shark Reef was in Mandalay Bay too?
The boys and I went there while Adam went to talk with his sales reps.

golden alligator

Smiling Komodo Dragon- he's huge!
Apparently he has at least 50 different kinds of bacteria in his mouth- seven of which are poisonous! 

green tree monitors

The best part was walking through these tunnels with fish and sharks swimming around and above us!
We sat on the ledge for a while and just watched.
me and my boysies

And I always love watching jellyfish- they look so calming and interesting.

There were divers swimming with the sharks too- they were really cool to watch.
Almost as cool as the fish and sharks!
They even waved at the boys a few times.
Afterwards we got to feel a sample of their metal mesh suits to protect them from shark bites.
Making the water sign wiggle. 
I took the boys to lunch and tried to share food, but ended up spending $12 on just the boys' drinks! GULP.
Good thing I had water. 
We finally found Adam and drove- you guessed it- to a record store.

After a looooong stop at a record store- we started the 6 hour drive home.
It's a beautiful drive so I was glad to do it in the light this time.
And I finally broke out the sunglasses for the drive home.
They weren't needed the whole weekend in Vegas!

Sleepy guys.

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