Thursday, February 2, 2012

las vegas- springs preserve

We went to the Springs Preserve while we were in Las Vegas.
The history of this place is pretty cool-
A spring in the middle of the desert.
Back in the old days, travelers passing through would stop for a break and drink.
Now it teaches all about the desert landscape and animals.
We had fun- even though it was SUPER windy and chilly outside.
That's okay- we mostly stayed inside this time.

Cute little fox!

Baby Will, Collin, Oliver, Kenzie, Elliott & Lincoln
This was the flash flood room- totally dry and then in an instant the 
riverbed and waterfall is full or rushing water. We did this a few times. 

Kenzie holding her baby brother- Will.
 We got to oogle a GIANT black widow... YIKES!
 And who doesn't love a bird show?
The guy outside the theater told us to sit right in the middle because the birds would fly right by us... so we did and it was great! They're wings were flipping our hair up and making Linc laugh so hard!
 cool owl- fuzzy pic
 Kenzie got to go down and help...

 And then Elliott got to hand the bird a dollar and he put it in the box.
Afterwards the kids colored wooden snakes.
Collin ended up throwing his up on a tall rock later on and looking back, we should have just gotten another one because the kids played with them all. weekend. long. 

Linc and Collin

desert plants

We finished the night at Rosati's with some Chicago style pizza... it was filling and great!

Is there anything better than pizza?! 

 It was a great day!
We had so much fun with Amy and co.
So great to see the kids all together.


Mrs. Ham said...

WHAT!!! we would have come to vegas...we're so close! next time!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a lot of fun!
The Springs Preserve looks like a really great idea!

p.s. - That pizza looks delicious. :)

rachel said...

Looks like a great time in Vegas, thanks so much for helping with the keys of our house and storing jason's crap! I have never been to the preserve, looks like a lot of fun! The boys are getting so big!

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