Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Collin & Lincoln are funny little cousins. 
Collin is three months older and a lot taller.
But basically they are on the same page so they play great together!
Grammy got them the same shirt a while back, so they wore them together. 
Lincoln was very excited to visit Collin in Las Vegas last week.

window markers
All was great until Linc started coloring in Collin's hair...s

Sharing snacks while visiting the Bellagio.
Multi-taskers- playing cars while eating dinner.

I hope they are always little friends and help each other stay on the right path even when they're big.

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Anonymous said...

:) Cute!

My little guy has a boy cousin, who is only a month younger than he and a girl cousin, who is six months older than he. I hope they are always friends, too! Their friendship is just so cute!!

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