Monday, February 13, 2012

january iphone

I've never been so excited for a weekend to be over! 
Between the two of us, Adam and I had like 8 meetings- it was crazy!
I taught a Young Women class for the first time in almost two years.
It went okay- but I was nervous that there were so many leaders there too, 
including a member of the stake presidency and bishopbric. 
And I didn't know any of the girls since it wasn't my ward.
And somehow we all had the sniffles this weekend too.
We got some snow on Sunday (just a dusting) 
when it was high 50's the day before.
Spring is on it's way though- I can feel it!

I've been a slacker at taking pics- I really am grateful for my little phone.
 Linc figured out how to start a movie on his own...
 The deer came out of the hills to find food and we spotted them in a field by our house.
 new hat
 valentine krispy kremes
Ollie's gigantic transformer- he loves it.

 The throw-ups hit the boys last month... not fun. 

 My niece Gabby turned ONE!
 laundry basket car
 tree in front of Adam's work

 Helped Ollie's class make snowshoes for winterfest.
 Indian food at the Bombay House with Adam, my sister and her husband.
 Afterwards we saw Jim Gaffigan's stand-up routine.
So funny my cheeks hurt from laughing! 
 Popovers seem to be my roll of choice for dinner now 
because I always start them too late and these are fast.
I use this recipe from Sister's Cafe.
(The winter soup is great too.)
Happy Monday! 


Mariana said...

Lovely month! Well, except the throw-ups! :(

(These photos - the second one and the last one - are so beautiful!!)

p.s. - Nice hat!

Mrs. Ham said...

text me your instagram. i can never find you....

oh i miss the boysies. ;(

Tisha and Mark said...

We had the pukes too. There is nothing worse- it is like their stomach knows it is night time and that it has to let out it's contents in their beds!

So we need some tasty Indian food...let's do another date night. Or heck, lets do another family night. Has anyone met the Flynn's kid???

The Bentley's said...

We LOOOVE Jim Gaffigan! So fun you got to see him. We have a few of his shows recorded from Comedy Central:) We get to see Brian Reagan this month who is also hysterical:) p.s. love that you keep up so good with your blog. Your boys are so cute and you are such a good/fun mom!!

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