Thursday, February 2, 2012

chocolate fountain

Mostly we just hung out with Amy and her family, but we did venture out to the strip on Monday.
Kenzie happened to be out of school that day, so we visited the Bellagio and the M&M store.
Amy had heard of this chocolate fountain inside the Bellagio- it was just around the corner from the gardens and we had never seen it before!
awesome light!
They had white, medium and dark chocolate fountains running.
It was pretty cool!
I'm sure the boys are dreaming of dipping things in the chocolate.
They have dipped fruit before at Grandma's house...

I always love the glass flower ceiling in the lobby.

We looked like quite the site in Las Vegas with six kids between us.
The streets were pretty empty though, which was nice!

We had to wait until later to watch the fountains since they don't start until three on weekdays.
They didn't disappoint! (I could watch them all day.)

1 comment:

Mariana said...

Hmmm... I would probably dream about dipping things in the chocolate as well, if I were there. :/

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