Wednesday, February 8, 2012

dino museum

 We are lucky to live so close to the dino museum!
We always see fieldtrips there and people visiting when they come into town, like it's a big deal.
We love that we live just down the road and have a pass.
Not quite the same as all those school children I've seen in Europe ignoring the Mona Lisa as they check their cell phones or parade begrudgingly past Michaelangelo's David, (lucky ducks!) but you get the idea.
The boys love it, I like that they love it, and we all learn something new every time we go.

mini paleontologists 
 Linc's brush collection that he didn't want any of the other kids to touch... yeah- he's that kid.
 Trying to be like his big brother- he seriously thinks he's five. 
Ask him and he'll tell you.
But Linc- you're only two!
"No! I FIVE!"


Anonymous said...

:) Lovely.
And you live close to the dino museum and you have a pass?! wow! My little guy would be thrilled to visit the dino museum! I can easily imagine: Wow! Wow! Wow! :)
The museum looks really nice.

Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

My kids love the dino museum too. Love your blog. You are adorable and so is your family. :)

mari said...

Do you stop by for Ice cream after too?! That is my favorite part!

{leah} said...

We try to stop there every time we are in Utah. We love it there too.

{Tim is "that" kid too....}

lindsey v said...

It looks so empty! I didn't see any other kids in your pics.

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