Monday, February 20, 2012

v day roundup

 Our month was filled with Valentines-y activities and treats...
heart s'mores
 My mom gave me an old box filled with all of my boutineers from high school...
...and some old goblets from the dances. 
So funny that 
1. I saved all those boutineers!
And 2. Our school gave goblets for all the nice dances. It seems sooo silly now. 
I have since thrown the flowers out and the boys use the goblets for dinner. 
We have broken one so far...

 Linc was obsessed with the love robot window clings.
(Maybe I was too- I love those things.)

 Getting Valentines ready for their classes.
Elliott gave a big eraser and a paper airplane.
Ollie gave chocolate covered heart pretzels and tiny animal tattoos.
They were so excited!
 We have never decorated a box for Elliott- his teachers have always done it in class- but this year Ollie's teacher told the kids to create one at home. There were the cutest boxes! Sharks, robots, houses, covered wagons, little monsters- so fun!
 I did potato stamping with Elliott's class and then cookie decorating the next hour with Ollie's class. 
Elliott came to "help" but it was fun having him in there.

 So many girls in both classes had hearts in their hair!
With the lack of girls in this house- I had never seen it before- so I snapped a pic.
 Elliott- keeping busy.
He told me these were the twin towers- but that plane was a nice one- not the one that ran into the buildings. All the kindergartners were loving his drawing- I think it made him feel good.

 Ollie's cute class and teacher.
 Funny valentine.
 Elliott made Adam and I a book of poems all by himself for Valentine's Day.
We laughed at the cute poems.
We've been reading lots of Shel Silverstein lately...

 My cute sweetheart- Linc put the heart sticker on him when he got home from work.
 chocolate dipped raspberries, strawberries and oreos

A little treat for some of our favorite people on Valentine's Day.


B and Jessica said...

I've saved all my corsages too. Why? But I did toss my wine glasses a long time ago. I was just thinking of you today and of that day when you got asked to Prom when we were sophomores. You had just turned 16 and this would be your first dance. I remember sitting in the hallway by biology and trying to put that puzzle together on the ground, and then we flipped it over and it was what's-his-face. Being young was fun. Sometimes I wish I could go back and just do the dances again.I would wear cuter dresses and have way cuter hair. Who knew that we would never really be dressing up again like that once high school was over?

Nicole Calder said...

Awwww :) I'm glad we are your favorite people ;) that was the cutest thing ever! I was so glad I was home that night! We might have eaten everything in the jar... that night.... we love your treats :) and we love you guys!!! :D

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