Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my mornings

Ollie is a funny little person to hang out half the day with. 
He starts kindergarten after lunch- so our mornings are 
filled with friends, games and sometimes errands.
 Clara and Dawson are in his class at school and live on our street- so lots of their mornings are spent together. This was the day they celebrated their 100th day of school. They made their own shirts and wore them to school that day. 
 I was snacking on some peas the other day when I was invaded by these guys.
I thought they'd eat one and be on their way, but they stayed and ate the whole bag... 
while they played with their guys. (Even Dawson Melissa!)
Clara is so fun that she will play pirates and ninjas with the boys.
Healthy kids.

Here's our other little morning buddy- Miss Gabby. 
It's an adventure every day at our house!


Anonymous said...

Your mornings are really fun!! :)

Elena said...

My, what a clean kitchen you have (said while ignoring the peripheral view of my messy one). I've never done afternoon kindergarten. Do you like it?

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