Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oliver at six

My sweet little Oliver turned 6 yesterday.
He was born the cuddliest kid I've ever known.
It might have been those ultra soft cheeks that helped us cuddle with him.
But he still loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses- many, many times a day.
And yes- he will sit on our laps all the time without even a pause or invitation.
He is funny and is always smiling.
He LOVES playing with friends and makes friends with anyone he meets.
He will play with Elliott and his friends like they are his too.
He is very confident.
He is the one who is always dressed with his shoes on before I'm out of bed.
And he is the first awake and has just recently dared to come downstairs by himself- usually to start the wii. He is very proud of this fact. 
I know he will help me with (almost) anything I ask.
He tells me stories from kindergarten all day.
He is learning to read and notices (and tries) words everywhere.
He loves reading name tags of people at restaurants and stores.
Ollie loves soccer and is always asking when the next season starts.
He is always playing his cd player and changing out the cds.
On our growth chart he is a little taller than E was on each of his stages- 
I wonder if this means he'll be taller?
He helps Lincoln all the time- he has taken it upon himself to be his translator and opener of snacks.
He is a smart little boy and catches on to everything pretty quick.

I feel so lucky to have Oliver Jack in our family.
He is great and we love him!
newborn Ollie
one year
two years
two years
three years
three years 
four years
five years
five years
six years!


Lindz said...

Love his chubby cheeks!! I totally remember him as a newborn...such a cutie! :)

Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver!

mari said...

What is it with your kids and eating butter?! Ha ha! He is so sweet! Happy birthday!

Tisha and Mark said...

What a darling little boy! I hope it was an amazing birhday filled with all the things he loved...maybe some butter ;)

Senja said...

happy birthday! :) what a cute boy he is - love his cheeks and eyes.

Anonymous said...

He has such a cute smile and I love his sweet cheeks and those blue eyes, too!

Happy Happy Birthday, Oliver!!

Tammy said...

He is a cute kid.

The Kohler Family said...

What a cutie! Love that he is eating a stick of butter! Maybe its hereditary? ;)

Taylor Morgan said...

Adorable pictures! Don't you envy Kids' ability to make friends so easily? I love how they can just walk up to a stranger an be their friend in a second.


lindsey v said...

Aw, I love those pics down memory lane. He was probably the cutest baby/toddler I've ever seen.

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