Tuesday, July 5, 2011

walk to the rocks

It was so nice having my brother, Ari in Finland with us! We don't get to see him very often because he lives in Michigan. And my boys LOVED playing with him every second. 
I remembered going to these rocks the last time I was here, so we went again. It was a twenty minute walk there... right through the beautiful forest.

There are a couple of houses off the road, so this sign is cute right?

more ant hills!

At the end of the road, we started hiking up this huge rock. 
Essi drove the car to take the little kids home after in case they were tired.

lookout point
Adam is looking off into Russia.

At the top, we could climb down into these rocks. 

Ari & Elliott

Elliott, Ari and Essi

The boys loved all the climbing.

Ari helping Elliott up- they were crazy!

I loved all the mini flowers- so cute.

Elliott, Linc, Adam, Essi, Ari, Marketta & Jackie

This is the stuff growing on all the rocks. It's always 
strange to me when a plant makes a rock it's home.
Throwing things off the cliff.
About halfway up is a little hut. It says something like, "A gathering 
place for the residents of Vaalimaa." Essi has come up with friends for 
New Year's Eve in the snow to hang out and light fireworks. 
more star of Finland flowers
I love the pine in the background!
Even Adam had to inspect this "carpet".

This tree looked so funny standing all alone. 
Ari and Adam made lots of jokes about it.
Who needs a playhouse? These lookouts were super cool.
Finnish slippers
After the sunset around 11:30 PM- the sky is still blue.


rachel said...

I am loving all these pictures! and you look beautiful as usual! What a great experience for your family.

Christine Rowley said...

What a beautiful place! I bet that was so much fun for your boys!

Mama Swalz said...

What a haven for your boysies! So many places to climb and play! Such great pics too!!

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