Sunday, July 10, 2011

olavinlinna castle

We had a fun stay at Eero and Ilmi's house, but as Adam and I were eating breakfast after everyone else was finished, Linc followed the big boys out to the water. My mom took off after him and didn't notice the sliding door was open just a little instead of a lot like the day before. She crashed right through it. She of course was brushing it off as nothing, but her feet were hurt pretty bad and wouldn't stop bleeding. Eero took her to the ER and she had to get a few stitches. I felt really bad! And I'm pretty surprised it wasn't me going through that window, since I've been known to do stuff like that. Sorry Mom!!

boys + water = love

Ilmi was convinced my mom would be a while in the hospital with the slow socialized medicine, so off we went to explore Olavinlinna Castle. It was a different castle than I had ever seen- so cool. The castle (fortress) was built in 1475 by the Swedish monarch Erik Axelsson Tott to repel attacks from the east and as a protection of the eastern border of Sweden. Then in 1714, the Castle became Russian property for a few years. Our tour guide pointed out all the different country's influences in all the building additions.

Oliver, Elliott, Will, Linds, Lincoln, Adam, Jackie
We got to explore a few things on our own before the tour started- isn't it beautiful?

All these passageways- I can just picture it back in the 1400's!

picture cover- this made me laugh
Are anyone else's boys obsessed with swords?

Linc following his brothers...

cannonball shrapnel

tree in the courtyard

old money

little door

The view outside- beautiful as usual!

I love the little picture frame windows!
They walls were so thick!

This hole in the ceiling used to be the only way to get into this room (using a rope) where they did buying and selling. Later on they opened it up to make it easier to access. 

I love how they built around this rock. It was made pretty hastily, so they didn't worry about things like that.
St. Olavi

We were looking out at little baby seagulls. 

 Cool winding stairs, all different heights of course.

 Can you see the bathroom hanging off the side? So funny! I thought the waste would just fall in the water, but upon further inspection, it fell right on the rocky beach below. Although, I guess it would depend on the water level?

 A certain 5 year old feigned tired legs every so often...

 This is the toilet! It had a sign on it asking to please refrain from using it.
 Looking down through the toilet hole...

 This is the very top of the tower. I think it has burned down a few times? 
 They keep most of the windows closed so it doesn't turn into a wind tunnel up there.
 the dining hall
They still serve food there and have weddings and such. 

The boys feel super cool that they got to go to a real castle! It was so fun having them there!
Olavinlinna Castle Finland
Here's an aerial pic I found online. Pretty no?

 And just as we got outside to leave, the gates closed for us and the bridge swept swiftly to the left side to let a lumber boat through. It was cool to watch, and crazy how fast it went!

We met Eero, Ilmi and my Mom (who had to get three stitches) in the parking lot and made it to our lunch reservation at a fancy restaurant. The food was delicious. And the waitresses found out some of us were American and placed an American flag on the table as well.
 Appetizers- see the fish? My bro told me I was supposed to just eat the bones since they were soaked in something beforehand to make them soft. I couldn't do it. Later we saw Ilmi removing her bones, woops. 
 potatoes, pork and veggies
 Adam let me taste some of his delicious fish soup- Mmmmm!
 Dessert was pancakes with rhubarb topping. (German pancakes.)
Which reminds me, I forgot to take a pic of Maarit's rhubarb drink she made us- so good! 
And in the past, Aunt Marketta has made us rhubarb squares... I need to get the recipe.

Goodbye Eero and Ilmi! You were gracious hosts, and even got the boys little stuffed toys.
P.S. So sorry about your door/window...
 And we were off on another 3+ hour drive to Tiainen's summer cottage. 
Thank you dvd player and delicious Finnish candy to snack on!
 Look at the cute name of this cafe!
P.S. My mom left the second "k" out of my name to avoid confusion for the Americans...
 Finland has all these long words because they combine words all the time. But I loved reading all the signs out loud and fooled the boys into thinking I spoke Finnish. 

We saw moose signs the whole time we were there, but never any moose!
And we had to take a pic of my mom in this tiny town asking for directions from these questionable guys. (They didn't know what they were talking about, and some other kid in a speeding truck led us the right way to the summer cottage.)


The Nielson Family said...

Just getting caught up on all of your fun adventures and I LOVE it all!!! There's something so magical about countryside...something I wish we had more of! I love all the food too! It's right up my alley :) Everything looks so amazing! What a great memory!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

ahahah I can just hear you now pretending to know Finish and just rattling it all of your tongue. so funny. and I love the cafe :-)

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