Thursday, July 7, 2011

border, lake, sauna

delicious Finnish breakfast

I love the all the twisty stairs in Finland!
The family room. Maarit has her paintings all over the house.
The kitchen- that light box to the left of the window is for the 
dark winters, so they can get some light therapy.

Maarit spoiled us rotten with all her cooking!

We headed out to the border stores to get some souvenirs. We could have walked from Seppo's house.

This is as close as we could get to Russian without actually driving through the border.
This was by another store run by a Russian lady down the road.
crazy pic

Waiting in the car with a sleeping Linc.
On our last night, we headed to the lake by the border.
Elliott was first to jump in and it was COLD!

Adam and Seppo setting up fishing poles.

When we were heading out, I casually asked Uncle Seppo if he had a 
speedo Adam could borrow. He was happy to oblige. Adam took it in stride.
And of course put on a stretching show before jumping in because we were all laughing so hard!



Lincoln laughed so hard in the chilly waters! 
I love the sparkles from the sun.

My Mom and Ari


Linc and Grandma

The bridge that separates the border zones. 
We couldn't go on the left side because it's the Russian zone.
speedo man made it to the middle dock

throwing rocks

caught some weeds
Essi caught the first fish

me and Adam

We let the boys ride in the back on the way home... Ollie fell asleep.

Some pics from my phone:
Essi & Maarit

Jackie and Linds

"the shortcut" home
we kept bottoming out 
Seppo was driving fast!

sunset through the trees

Finnish sauna- Adam's pouring water on the rocks for steam.

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Now those are some pics! Fun!

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