Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sunset at the summer cottage

After a three plus hour drive from Savonlinna, we finally arrived
at the Tiainen's summer cottage. Uncle Kalevi grew up here and it's amazing!
the boys playing in the sandbox

Just down the path are the little cabins by the lake- my
cousins, Marika and Maija have built their own there too.

On Maija's dock.

I used to play on these rocks as a kid!

double suns

Uncle Kalevi
I think this porch is cooler because of the rock it was built around!
I found this bunch of leaves outside the cabin's sauna... a Finnish tradition is to gently whack these on your back and legs to stimulate blood flow, and it makes it smell deliciously leafy in there. Fun.

double suns and Linc

Ollie's bouquet

Mister Linc and his toga... er... blankie.

Linds, Will, Mom, Marketta & Jackie

The Finnish forest, water and fresh air awakened Adam's senses. Have I ever seen him happier??
Marketta and her girls, Venla & Selma (and their cute boots) in front of their cabin. 
I love this pic of my little tiny Linc!
We were out so late as the sun is setting here after 10:40 PM!

They bring in trucks full of sand every year to pour in the lake near the shore so it's not muddy and/or rocky. They usually bring the sand in during the winter when the lake is frozen and just dump it on the ice and spread it, so when the ice melts, it sinks to the bottom more evenly. This one had a little sandy beach to play in.

Adam decided to use the blankie as a mosquito net...

The boys slept on a mattress sideways. Elliott is showing how his feet are hanging off, so we just scooted the suitcase and covered it with a blanket to extend the bed. He was curled up every time I checked on him in the night anyway though.
Kalevi's fishing nets.
We put the boys to bed and headed back out to the lake to see more of the beautiful sunset. More pics, but I couldn't stop. Sunsets + water are my weakness!


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