Sunday, July 17, 2011

cousins and more fish

Remember how Kalevi always catches huge fish? Well- here are some more. We let the boys play with them again. So fun!

Linc, Sini, Linds, Eric, Ari, Jaakko, Maija & Marika
Then the cousin pics began. I have amazing cousins!
Jackie, Elliott, Ollie, Linc, Sini, Adam, Linds, Will, Tagen, Eric, Ari, Jaakko, Maija, Marika, Selma, Venla & Risto
Adding in Satu, Marketta, Kalevi, Leena & Jarkka
Satu & Jaakko
Marketta & Kalevi
Maija, Jarkka & Samuel
Risto, Marketta, Venla & Selma

the stove
the sunroom

Elliott drew a picture for Kalevi to thank him for all the fishing trips.

Elliott swinging the bell.
It was our last day at the summer cottage and the storm was rolling in, so we just explored and played around their amazing yard. It was soo hot and muggy. 


Will & Samuel


Adam and Ollie checking out the old sleeping house (I think?)

old skiis

checking out the barn
 wheelbarrow on skiis
Other than the bird poop, there were some pretty cool things up there...

Finally it started to pour- the boys are watching out the window.
Jarkka and Ollie talking about 5... Ollie loved telling everyone he was "viisi". 
While Adam and I packed everything up, Linc ate lots of Finnish candy and played at the window. We had to pack three days worth of clothes and stuff for the rest of our trip so we could leave our big suitcases in airport storage while we toured Helsinki and Stockholm. It was a fiasco, but I'm glad we weren't hauling giant suitcases on buses! 

Everyone needs an Elliott for a pillow.

Next up: Helsinki & Stockholm


The Nielson Family said...

Finland reminds me a lot of Prince Edward Island--just wild greenery everywhere--tons of old interesting homes, wildflowers, and lots of good candy :) Love it!!!

Senja said...

Are your cousins members?
What is Ari's last name?

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