Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stockholm arrival

Our arrival into Stockholm was amazing! After a delicious breakfast buffet, we headed out on the deck. We went on the shady side and it was so windy- I thought we were in for another cold day (the boys were freezing!) But then we made our way out to the sunny side at the back of the boat. It was beautiful! 

 The boys were so. very. excited. They could've stood out there all day to watch the water and all the islands slip by. 

Linc had a disasterous binky episode when he threw his into this frothy mix from the propellers....

It was fun going through all the islands. I didn't realize that Sweden was made up of islands. You pass through these for a good hour before you make it to Stockholm. I'm not sure if the islands are all part of Stockholm or not?

It would be so cool to live here, although I'm not sure how I'd feel about cruise ships passing my house all day...

bridge on the right next to the huge rock


A family of geese in the middle of the channel.
beautiful Stockholm

We made one last stop at our room to drop our jackets off, have a snack and we were off!
We made it! 

The other day Elliott saw a sign while we were driving and said, "That reminds me of Stockholm." It sounded so funny coming from him. He's a lucky seven year old. Hopefully with all of these pictures- he, along with Ollie and Linc, can remember the trip!

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