Friday, July 22, 2011


The day we were in Stockholm was perfect. The weather was just right- warm and sunny and blue skies filled with puffy white clouds. And the sights were amazing. I loved walking along the water, looking at all the boats and beautiful buildings. I tried to take it all in, because we only had a day there. It was much too short and I hope to get back someday.  

 We recognized these from Prague... apparently they are the European version of the hotdog, hollowed out on the inside, but only the top is cut off, so no drippy mess. 
 Adam thought this picture was so clever...
P.S. Linc was still asleep since the museum.

 Cool bridge, boats, water, buildings and boys.
 Too bad we weren't there for one of Adam's heroes in concert.

 Sea glass on one of the boats. Pretty.

 The boats were all decked out-- this one even had plants on it.

 Swedish flag
 sparkling sun

 I desperately wanted to sit in the sun at one of these sidewalk cafes by the water. No time for that this time.

 We came across this yacht... wow.

I love the colors on this building... and the blue sky... and the Swedish flag.
Ice cream break. The boys were so good on the trip, although I think E was mad at the moment...

Little Will even got some ice cream.
cool doors

 The clouds started to roll in and we got a few light sprinkles. It was perfect. 

 Adam led us right by the royal palace. The boys are enamored by the guard and his golden helmet. 

 Then he walked right past the boys- so cool.

 I'm not sure why we didn't look into the courtyard...but we should have.

 There were a few little shops and restaurants right here. We walked down a few side streets to look around. Amongst other things we came across a shop called gooeybrand, it had the cutest clothes! And the guy is from Colorado, but he married a cute Swedish girl so he's lived there for a long time. We bought a shirt for each of the boys. Check them out- cute stuff.
Finnish church

This is a famous little shrine to remember all the orphans in Sweden. It's so tiny. 

skinny streets

These tiny doors must be for storage?
through the window

We got a few Swedish souvenirs in these little shops.

Someone's legs...just can't... make...the hill...

crazy phone booth
I didn't really want to put this pic on, but it was graduation time and there were three or four trucks full of graduates blasting music so loud. The graduates were dancing and spraying beer all over. The trucks were circling all day. It was such a crazy thing. I later asked my cousin if they did that in Finland and he said sort of... they just have smaller class sizes. 
viking hat

taking a small boat back to the cruise ship

flowers growing out of the crack in the sidewalk

Too bad we had to be back at the boat by 4:30. We loved Stockholm!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a fun and very fast day! Awesome pics, I especially love your door ones. It seems their are a lot of amazing beautiful doors in Europe. You notice the coolest things!! Maybe we should all do something cool and fun to our doors :).

Shum Girl said...

I love the hotdogs! I am so impressed you took your boys on this trip. It is awesome. Your pictures are so fun to see.

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