Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer boys

This summer is going way too fast. I'm just trying to enjoy every minute. We've been staying up late and sleeping in (yes- even the boys!) I feel so lazy sleeping in, but it's just so nice that I can't help it. We've played with lots of visitors who have come into town, had lots of fun playgroups around the valley and have gone on lots of hikes as a family. It's been great. I've loved not having such a strict schedule and we just do what we feel for that day. This is the life. 
 P.S. I feel lucky to have Adam always playing guitar. I told him the other day that even if I'm not just sitting there only listening to him (huge multi-tasker here) I love hearing him play all the time. I especially love when he sings along to the strumming. 
(the boys on a lazy Saturday afternoon)


B and Jessica said...

I love that Adam plays the guitar too. You are very lucky! B sings when he is happy. Cheezy songs and hymns in a falsetto voice. But I love to hear it because I know that he is in a good mood, feeling happy and care free.

Melissa said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever. They look so old school. Like I always say, you are an amazing photographer! I am right there with you on these feelings about summer. It really has gone way to fast :(.

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