Wednesday, July 27, 2011

church in the rock

 It was lightly raining when we got off the boat in Helsinki. We made our way back to the city, walking through the little outside market on the way. We left our bags in the lockers at the port so we wouldn't have to carry them around the city until our hotel was ready at 3:00 PM. Did you know there are lots and lots of reindeer in Finland? There are reindeer farms up in the Northern part of Finland, in Lapland. And, Santa Claus lives there too... at the North Pole. 
 I always thought this was the capital building, but it's a Lutheran church. Finns are mostly Lutheran. It's huge!

 Next we made our way to the church in the rock. It was cool. From the outside it just looks like a rocky hill. In fact, we walked on top of it from the back trying to find the entrance. 
 Inside was neat! (I should've lightened these pics...) The skylight roof was nice-- I'm thinking it would be cool in a house.

 the copper roof

 There is also a shelter under the church that can hold 600 people. 
 The bright pink and turquoise benches... kind of funny but it actually worked.
Ollie, Linc, Jackie, Elliott & Adam

 Very cool to see. I'm glad it was open when we went! This church is in use as well as a popular sight seeing destination. It was about the only place that charged to go to the bathroom- 1 euro ($1.45 USD)!!
the organ

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