Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fall soccer

 Ollie started fall soccer last weekend.
He's beyond excited.
It makes me so happy to see him really happy about something he loves.
I love going to watch and taking pictures of him in action.

P.S. Aren't soccer uniforms so cute?
P.P.S. There always has to be a kid picking their nose in a pic no?
Ollie and his buddy Dawson stretching
chatting with his friend Clara

Taking a break by Coach Waite who is great with the kids!

It was over 90 degrees on Saturday, but these guys stuck it out. They were hot!
Linc contemplating running into the street...

Ollie scored two goals!! Hooray!
Going to give the other team high fives after the game.
 Gooooo Thundercats!


Melissa said...

I am so happy Ollie and Dawson are on a team together, and that they are such good buddies. We sure love Ollie. They both look so cute in their soccer clothes. Very cute pics!!

emily b. said...

So cute! When I was reading this, Michael was looking over my shoulder and goes, "That's a little Eric!" He can't beielve how much he resembles your bro! So funny how traits are passed on, huh?

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