Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sandcastles & raspberry shakes

I love a good magazine read...
Our last day at Bear Lake consisted of more lounging, building sandcastles and just trying to enjoy every last minute until we had to be out of our spot by 2:00 PM.
 Who was in charge of putting sunscreen on Adam's back?! Oh yeah- that would be me. I put his sunblock on the morning before, and after lunch I asked if he wanted me to reapply and he said no. So I think that's when he got it, although- he thinks I applied it like this? Such a crazy, funny shape- I'm still trying to understand it!
sweet Addie

Elli, Linds & Will
 Linds and her family came up on Saturday morning. We had fun playing with them!

 Later that afternoon we walked the streets of Garden City-- it was so hot!
So we ended with a cool (and melty) famous Bear Lake raspberry shake. 
I think it's the best one I've ever tasted!


Mrs. Ham said...

so mad at you for posting a pic of that shake. i want one so bad! as long as i've known you, you've always loved reading people mag or something! and that hammock looks soo nice.

lindsey v said...

Fun pics! I haven't checked blogs for a record amount of time- 10 days.

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