Tuesday, August 30, 2011

preschool graduate

I never posted this because it was just before our trip to Finland. 
I thought of it today since it was his first day of kindergarten...

Ollie graduated preschool! He was so lucky to have lots of 
neighbor friends in his class, and our neighbor Jodi as his teacher! 

Miss Jodi was sooo good to Ollie. He loved her. 

With his buddies- Dawson and Gentry.

I loved that I got to walk a few doors down the street to drop him off at school. 
I'll always remember going to pick him up and the class 
was playing red light, green light on Miss Jodi's driveway. 
I loved holding his hand on the walk home while he jumped 
and bounced like 5 year olds do, while he told me about his day. 
When we got home- he loved pulling things out of his backpack one by one to show me.
He loved preschool!

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