Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Here's what our summer's been like according to my iphone. I love having it with me wherever I go and I love using the instagram app too... if you haven't tried it you should! It's amazing and fun to change your photos up a bit.
Adam & his momma

Gabby & Christie

Ollie's breakfast- his way.
These two were with the best camera app... another fav.
At the depot station at the Gateway.

our first tomato... it was so delicious and everyone got a slice
popsicles after church
antelope island

free slurpee day
homemade sliders for dinner

I found Linc up on Grandpa's 4-wheeler...
water day
at blackridge reservoir

Linc and his bike- he's a speed demon!
summer fruits for breakfast
kneaders- yum
The bottom of this little cupcake was dipped in white chocolate- say what?
red butte gardens for the fleet foxes concert
neilsen's frozen custard

s'more cookies
Apparently I love taking pictures of my food! 


Mrs. Ham said...

ohhh i'm so hungry! you do so many fun things with the boys! i hope i can be a mom like you one day sins!

Melissa said...

Looks like a yummy fun summer!

Tammy said...

I love all these pictures but my favorite is the Gateway one. And I love food pictures too.

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