Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hep & other pics

The other day I heard a tiny, "Hep. hep Momma.......hep." It wasn't loud or urgent, I could barely hear it from the next room. I found Linc stuck hanging from the counter, with the chair he climbed up pushed out of his reach. I asked if he was stuck while I grabbed the camera- "Yeah," he replied calmly. It made me laugh. 

When we tell or ask Linc something he always says, "Uhhhhhhh, okay." Or, "Ohhhhh! Okay!" He's a funny little tyke.
 He loves to dish his own food. This was before dinner one night. He won't even eat anything from a salad except cucumbers and sometimes carrots (as long as there's ranch involved.) But he loves to load his plate.

 If he sits at all during dinner- it's something like this. Usually he's standing or kneeling....
Notice the truck and car in both hands... (he calls them "gogk" and "go".)
 Playing in the sink in the early morning light.
 He's so handsome. I love his golden brown summer hair, his baby cheek and chubby little arms!

 Then he got in!!
 This kid helps himself to snacks all day long. And the bink is always close by.
 Helping in the yard. He's got my yard knife but it's locked shut. He still thinks he's using it...
 The big boys and I were inspecting the metal bats- (they were beyond excited!) and we found Linc like this. I thought he would topple over!
 A rare moment- Lincoln is holding still!! 

 busy adventure boy

 tired, dirty and cute

 the trickster
 We all gloried in our first tomato!
 bug obsession
That's my baby.


Melissa said...

Such a cute post!! Lincoln is so darn cute, and I love seeing all his activities :). Such a busy little guy!!

Mama Swalz said...

Such a serious dish washer! He is so dang cute- but all of them are :)

Tammy said...

I love the sink pictures. Such a pretty light.
Did you do the tile on your backsplash??? I love it.

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