Friday, August 19, 2011

biker boys

This post is dedicated to Ollie- who has finally mastered his two-wheeler this year! He learned last fall, but was a little nervous to use it all the time. He would take one ride down our neighbor's long driveway and then be done. Thanks to my sister who invited us to ride at the elementary school, Ollie gained a little confidence and now he loves it!

Elliott has been attempting some new tricks this year too...
Suki- watching the boys ride.

Loves to show off and ride over the grass.
at the school
the amazing view

Linc & Addie

The sidewalk has been eating Lincoln's shoes when he drags them while riding the plasma car (see below.) I got him these cheapy sandals and within a few days they were ruined. He has designated bike shoes now.

So fun to sit under the shade of a tree and watch these guys ride to their hearts' content. 


Mama Swalz said...

Congrats to Ollie!! It's so fun when they finally 'get it' and then they want to ride forever! Great job to Elliott for all those tricks too :)

Mrs. Ham said...

cutest boys ever!!! linc could care less about his toes and shoes while riding! he's just like collin! miss them.

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