Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bear lake

Fruit and cold cereal are an easy camping breakfast right? 
Until we walked outside and smelled everyone cooking bacon and pancakes...
snackfest 2011
It was Adam's birthday while we were there! He got the day off of work and got to relax all day- nice!

Our private beach. Can you see the tents right behind the beach?? I loved that the water was so close! 

sandy beach bum

Linc's face is layered with sunscreen, sand and snacks-- triple the sun protection.

Benny made some magic wands thanks to Harry Potter. 
Grandma and Linc- just before her long swim.

I wanted to take a nap floating on the lake...
Elliott is a magnet for snakes! He found this baby slithering along
right next to the water. Everyone took turns holding it.

Why are camping lunches the best?

We love our water frisbee! It skims the water because
it's heavy, but it never sinks. A must have if you're playing in water.

panning for gold

These guys all asked me to bury them even though the sand was filled with sticks...

Benny thought about his the most and dug a hole to sit in before he got buried- much easier.
more snackage
Still sleepy from his nap...

We picked up some pipe cleaners last minute from the Target dollar section... which entertained the big boys the whole time. They made a million different action figures out of them. Creative boys.
Linc unloaded his toy bag one by one... right onto Adam.
Grandma, Ollie, Elliott & Benny
We had dinner with my mom's ward. It was fun seeing the neighbors I grew up with! I really look up to  a lot of them. They made it a point to talk to me while I was growing up (and still do!) and I felt like they cared!
Just before bed we went for a little night walk with the tiny flashlights a neighbor gave the boys. 
We discovered a smashed snake on the road that had babies in it's belly, so they were all over the road (smashed). So sad- the boys couldn't stop talking about it. 

Me and my momma- I think we share the same button nose. 
Discovering a dark old cabin with their flashlights...

Such a fun day at the lake! We were all so exhausted and happy. 

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Tamara with a "T" said...

aaahhh...Bear Lake and the awesome memories! It looks like you had a great time, once again! I know I always say this, but Sini...Your boys are getting SO big!

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