Monday, August 29, 2011

sunday morning

 I've never really been a pancake and syrup lover. I like my cakes with yogurt (pretty sure this is how my mom ate them too.) Here's my little ensemble of pina colada yogurt and fresh-sliced bananas. So good. Linc and Ollie prefer yogurt too, while Elliott likes nutella and bananas. Adam just likes good ol' syrup.
Elliott's pillow bed creation. So nice to lounge while we wait for 1:00 church to start. 

I love a relaxed Sunday... until it's crunch time right before we leave. 
I need to relax a little. Adam's good at that and tries to get me to 
laugh instead of cry when we're late every week- only by a minute, but still...

Now I'm off to do my Monday work- laundry, grocery shopping
and straightening up the tornado that seems to hit inside our house every weekend.


Mrs. Ham said...

i love all the pillows! and lincs face when he's pointing in the picture! he's crazy cute! and i'm pretty sure i need that waffle right now! xo

B and Jessica said...

All your pillows are so cute! I know, my Monday's are so busy cleaning up the weekend mess and laundry and FHE prep (not that I prep much, we kind of wing it). Some of my friends do playdates on Mondays and I always wonder how they find the time! Monday's are crazy.

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