Monday, August 15, 2011

road trip

We took a little road trip this weekend to Bear Lake. The boys have been dreaming of this trip since the beginning of the summer. And of course their plans included the motorhome (borrowed from Grandpa), and inviting cousin Benny along.
 Linc stayed down with my Mom and I, while Adam drove. 

 These guys played in the motorhome all day even before we left. They would be happy to camp out in our driveway.
 After the three hour drive, we arrived at Bear Lake just as the last bits of light were fading. We rushed to the water because we heard it was so high this year.
It was amazing! We had ten feet of sand before the water instead of a mile walk. Best year yet!

Adam, Linc and the (almost) full moon. 


Tammy said...

How fun!

Saimi said...

Your boys are so darn cute!! Looks like the fun started before you even left the house and is only going to get better!!

Have a fun safe trip!

Naoma said...

You guys are always doing such fun things, I do not know how you have the time and energy for it all! Love it!

Knudson Family said...

I'm glad the water was higher. I still kind of gross out when I think of walking through that stinky mud last summer!

Melissa said...

Sounds so nice! We just went camping, but it was tent camping and wow does tent camping suck!! So jealous of your motor home. Yet again, these are some awesome pics.

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